Update on Book Two

The Spiral Slayers: Countdown ArmageddonThinker

Hi! I have some very exciting news about the 2nd book in the series! First the tentative release date is April 2014. But you’re going to get something well before then: ‘The Countdown Teaser’ will be released by mid January 2014! This will be the first part of Countdown Armageddon (The Preface, Chapter 1 and a small part of Chapter 2)¬†plus details of a contest and prizes up for grabs running between the Teaser release and the release of Countdown Armageddon! So put on your science/detective hats and try to figure out some strange things you may not have noticed in Book One ‘Encounters”.

The ‘Teaser’ will give you a taste of what’s coming and present puzzles only the best of you will be able to solve. If you’ve finished ‘Encounters’ you’ve probably have a real good idea of one of the puzzles to be solved.