The Spiral Slayers: A Four Book Series

HeaderThe cycle of universes: big bang, expansion, big freeze, death and then, it starts over: universe after universe, a cycle that has endured for time without end. However, something has gone wrong–an The Spiral Slayers series iconincreasing number of universes are ending prematurely–the cycle is becoming unstable.

Existence itself is threatened…

AN ADVANCED SPECIES discovers what is happening and finds a way to send a warning forward through time into future universes. Eventually, in another universe, another advanced species finds the warning. They in turn send a desperate fix into the next universe–our universe.

An exponential step beyond…

In ships powered by black holes an immortal species as old as time is chased between the galactic super clusters and across the known universe. Forged in the fires of the early universe, their scientific journey completed, they know everything… including the great enigma…

Why we and the universe exist.

Anderson Ship yards with Levitation Class Battleship in foreground.

Anderson Ship yards with Levitation Class Battleship in foreground.




Spiral Slayers Book 1 CoverThe Spiral Slayers-Encounters

The first installment, The Spiral Slayers – Encounters now available in paperback, for Kindle, for Amazon Prime borrowing program through the KDP Select lending library and, in fine bookstores everywhere.

Coming soon for Nook!







The Animated TrailerThe Spiral Slayers:Encounters Book Trailer

See the revolutionary animated trailer in high definition and stereo!










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