The Spiral Slayers…how it happened…

Anderson Ship yards with Levitation Class Battleship in foreground.

Anderson Ship yards with Levitation Class Battleship in foreground.


My first novel–actually a 4-book series of which I’ve finished book one and am working on book two–came about in a strange way. In fact, I’ll start with how I became a sci-fi fan.

I was medevac’d  home from Vietnam in 1972. After getting out of the hospital I did the easiest thing, I moved back in with my parents. The first night I was there I saw Star Trek for the first time and became a sci-fi fan.

I can vividly remember the first time I came up with a sci-fi story idea. It was 1978, I’d been married for four-years and had a three-year old daughter and a new-born son and we were living in the first house we bought. I was in the garage ‘smoking funny things’ when I came up with a story idea called Networld. Looking back it was ahead of its time.

Over the years I’ve come up with exactly one dozen story ideas and I hope I’ll be able to write all of them.

The primary idea for ‘The Spiral Slayers’ came to me in 1992. This was a monumental year for me. My title was Systems Programmer and I had just finished a six month project to completely redo GE Retail Systems’ computer room. I did this in a single weekend and got a special award and a new title for my efforts. Newly promoted to System Administrator my first job was to visit each department head and compose an estimate of the total HW/SW expenses for 1993. This effort would lead to yet another title–Manager of Internal Systems.

I was lying in the sun next to the pool in the buildings Fitness Center day dreaming and bingo! Can’t tell you what I came up with without ruining the story but I can tell you that it was both at the quantum and cosmic levels.

It evolved for over ten years before I started writing the book.

In my next blog I’ll explain how it became a quadrilogy–a term used by the Alien series that is still not officially a real word. Well, ‘used by the Alien series’ is good enough for me.