Handy short cut keys: Going and Selecting

Try these out!

(print this as a reference if you need to)

These will make your life faster and easier and they work in Word and most other text editors as well as many other applications where the function makes sense…

HOME                         Go to beginning of the line

End                              Go to the end of the line

CTRL+HOME              Go to beginning of the document

CTRL+End                  Go to the end of the document

Single CLICK              Place the cursor

Double CLICK             Select word

Triple CLICK               Select line

CTRL+a                       Select all

(In Word)


This will select blocks of text. Example: Say that, in the text below, I wanted to select and delete the words ‘You can ’ from each line. You would place the cursor at the beginning of the first line, hold down CTRL+ALT then hold down the left mouse button and drag down and to the right to select ‘You can ’ in each line, then you’d just press the DELETE key.

Select block of text          Press DELETE


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