Development of the Spiral Slayer Universe Part 1


The cosmic and quantum universe used in The Spiral Slayers Quadrilogy is based on current state of cosmology and the standard model of quantum mechanics. It is then extended up to and including what dark matter and dark energy are as well as why we and the universe exist. Unfortunately, you will have to wait for the fourth and last installment for the answer to the latter.

Concerning the extensions to cosmology and quantum physics, one of the cornerstones of the Spiral Slayer Universe is this strange and intriguing fact:

The properties of infinite density (a singularity) and that an absolute vacuum (this means no vacuum energy, no virtual particles, absolutely nothing) are the same. Actually, neither have any properties but, if you were to try to break it down then:

A singularity (infinite density or a black hole):

·        Is completely uniform, that is, it is the same everywhere.

·        Has no events

·        Has no time

·        Has no temperature

·        Has no volume

·        It cannot exist within the universe (one like ours anyway)*

* We see the effects of a singularity (absolute vacuum) but the singularity itself is outside of the universe. When we see a black hole (as much of it as we can see of it anyway) we are looking at the edge of our universe. BTW, in my story, the event horizon is not the edge of our universe. What is inside the event horizon is still within our universe even though, in most situations, it is past the point of no return.

An absolute vacuum… which also cannot exist within the universe, has the same properties (or lack of them). Therefore, in The Spiral Slayers sci-fi series, the two things are the same.

There is one more property that both of these states have—in the Spiral Slayer universe any way:

·   Space time is infinitely warped (or, infinite gravity)

Since the two are the same, both can be called a singularity or, as it is called in The Spiral Slayers series, a unistate. This means it has only one state (where ‘state’ represents a condition like electricity can have two states, negative and positive, or a computer byte can have two states, on or off).

Clock Face Of A UniStateHow can this be viewed? If you picture the face of a clock, and say that twelve o’clock is the unistate (i.e. the singularity or the absolute vacuum) then one o’clock might be a neutron star and eleven o’clock might be a thin, low power area of vacuum energy and virtual particles.

What this means is that everything is not pulled towards mass but rather is pulled towards fewer states.

Assuming the above is true changes quite a lot! Now not only does matter produce gravity (or bend space-time), emptiness (or the absence of matter) does too! This actually takes care of dark matter, as the gravitational effects of this unseen ‘dark’ matter is now just the balance of the gravity from matter and gravity from emptiness or, in both cases, the approach to a lesser number of states (by stretching out or condensing states until they are closer to a single state). We know what matter’s gravitational falloff is. For the universe to work the way it does with these strange new rules simply depends on the proper setting of emptiness’ gravitational fall off.

Book one of The Spiral Slayers establishes the first cosmic law of the (Spiral Slayer) universe.

The first cosmic law: There must always be more than one state.

In a unistate (either a singularity or an absolute vacuum), there is only one state. It is the same everywhere. Therefore, nothing exists. Therefore, the first cosmic law simply says that ‘something’ must exist. Think about that one!

In the next post, we will look at the Super Speck (and discuss what happened to the Super String) and see how the universe exists between the 12:01 and 11:59 on that clock we talked about.