Windows and Office Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks for using Windows and Office.

More Keyboard Shortcuts: Back / Forward

[ALT] <left arrow> functions as a keyboard shortcut for “Back” in
web-browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.) and the in the File
Explorer. Of course [ALT] <right arrow> is “Forward”. This functions as “Back”/”Forward” in most,
if not all, applications that use the “Back”/”Forward”  terms/methodologies. This little goodie comes
in handy at the most unusual times!

More Handy Office Shortcut Keys (Bold/Italic/Underline/Font Size/how to learn more)

(Beginner) I’m not kidding you, knowing shortcut keys increases your speed enormously. At the end is a table which I will try to provide whenever we discuss shortcut keys. You can print this table* and tape on your monitor as a cheat sheet until you have the ones discussed in this post memorized.

In Word, Excel and almost any time you are working with a formatting text entry application, [CTL]b, [CTL]i and [CTL]u come in handy as turn-on/turn-off Bold, Italics and Underline. There are of course many other keyboard shortcuts (like [CTL]> and [CTL]< for increase/decrease font size) and, to discovery these most applications make it so easy!

Displaying Shortcut Keys (when available) in Office

Displaying Shortcut Keys (when available) in Office

When you want to do something that requires you click on a tool icon (like align center) if you hover over the icon a small window comes up with information–how much depends on you’re settings but the tool name and any shortcut-key associated with it. For instance, align center, says: Center [Ctrl+E] (see table for other alignments). Almost everyone knows that [CTL]x, [CTL]c and [CTL]v act as cut, copy and paste but for those who don’t, we won’t tell and oh, BTW, [CTL]z and [CTL]y act as undo and redo.

*You can print the entire post and cut it out or cut and paste it into Word or EXCEL and print it or, just copy it.

Office Beginner Shortcut Keys

Shortcut KeysResult
[CTRL] bBold
[CTRL] iItalic
[CTRL] uUnderline
[CTRL] >Increase font size
[CTRL] <Decrease font sized
[CTRL] l (that's a lower case L)Left Alignment
[CTRL] eCenter
[CTRL] RRight Alignment
[CTRL] xCut
[CTRL] cCopy
[CTRL] vPaste (I think of a down arrow for 'put here')
[CTRL] zUndo
[CTRL] yRedo