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Rusty Williamson lives in San Diego CA with his wife Denise and their two dogs. The two just celebrated their fortieth wedding anniversary. Both have been retired since 2002. They have two children. Besides writing science fiction, he owns and operates a 3D animation studio and, at a layman's level, has been into quantum physics (Superstrings and LQG) and cosmology since 1980. His other hobbies are archeology, hiking, biking, RC airplanes and playing guitar. Almost every Friday, Saturday and Sunday you can find him and his wife dancing to a live band at some San Diego club. Before retiring in 2002 he worked as a computer programmer and he and his wife flipped houses in their spare time. In the mid-eighties he published technical articles for Computerworld. Between 1983 and 1992 he explored the Anza Borrego desert and acted as a guide for 4x4 caravans through the region. He served in the US Army in Vietnam in 1970.


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Traveling across the universe without falling off the edge!

Hi! The universe is a strange place. It is a space-time structure, which, because of gravity, may fold back upon itself. We can only see a portion of it called the Observable Universe, which has a radius of about 47 billion miles last time I checked. And, it is universally agreed that it is much larger […]

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The Dream Particle: The Direction I Took… Part 2

As discussed in the last few posts, string theory jumped the railroad tracks of science when rumor became truth and I had to ditch strings and find a new quantum realm to base the Spiral Slayer universe on. I decided to make up my own extension to the Standard Model. This was after all science fiction […]

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The dream particle: The direction I took… Part 1

The Dream Particle: The Super Speck Deciding to get away from String Theory and in fact, all current quantum theories in the Spiral Slayer universe, I invented the Super Speck to be the smallest, most elementary particle. The super speck or speck particle has some amazing properties. 1.      It vibrates and has three trillion different vibrations. […]

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More Keyboard Shortcuts: Back / Forward

[ALT] <left arrow> functions as a keyboard shortcut for “Back” in web-browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.) and the in the File Explorer. Of course [ALT] <right arrow> is “Forward”. This functions as “Back”/”Forward” in most, if not all, applications that use the “Back”/”Forward”  terms/methodologies. This little goodie comes in handy at the most unusual […]

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Update on Book Two

The Spiral Slayers: Countdown Armageddon Hi! I have some very exciting news about the 2nd book in the series! First the tentative release date is April 2014. But you’re going to get something well before then: ‘The Countdown Teaser’ will be released by mid January 2014! This will be the first part of Countdown Armageddon […]

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