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The Dream Particle: The Direction I Took… Part 2

As discussed in the last few posts, string theory jumped the railroad tracks of science when rumor became truth and I had to ditch strings and find a new quantum realm to base the Spiral Slayer universe on. I decided to make up my own extension to the Standard Model. This was after all science fiction and the basis of my plot was tangled in quantum physics.

So I invented the Super Speck whose properties were listed in my last post (actually my last post was an update to book two so, the post before last). Although I wanted to travel across the universe (not between stars, not between galaxies, not between galactic clusters but between super clusters) while maintaining the limit of the speed of light, I was going to allow wormhole travel that instantly moved you about and therefore I needed a solution to ‘casualty’.

Causality refers to the reversal of cause and effect (ergo: effect and than cause). For instance, if you could go back in time and kill your grandmother before your mother was born then how could you exist to perform this murder in the first place? To resolve causality we must look to the two slit experiment where light travels through two slits and creates a wave pattern on a surface beyond this.


Two Slit Experiment

The two slit experiment

This experiment shows that photons aimed at the two slits take all available options. That is to say, the photons go though slit a, go through slit b, go though at different angles and miss both slits…all at the same time! The more the photons go through a certain way the brighter the area on the screen. Therefore the wave pattern created on the screen represent the probability of the photon taking that path. This is the probability wave and, it either collapses or it does not. No one has seen this wave collapse and this is the thing that makes quantum physicists break out in sweat and get dizzy.  If the probability wave does not crash then we must wind up with one of the ‘Many Worlds’ theories. This says that the photon does all these things in other dimensions that we can not detect–these dimensions are different timelines.

Therefore when a person goes back in time and prevents his mother from existing they create another timeline where they do not exist. This strange arrangement must start at the quantum level and whatever else my super speck does, it must account for space time and its properties we see from day to day as well as different timelines that we can not detect. I do this with the super specks alignment.

There are two types of speck alignment. To interact, both must be aligned. The speck particle can be pictured as a vibrating line of energy. Vibrations differ in frequency, distance along the string, distance from line when straight, direction(s) in 3D space, speed, curve(s) and shape. There is directional alignment (direction of the string in 3D space) and there is phase alignment, which is alignment of the vibration cycle. if both of these are in alignment, the two speck particles can interact (you can push it with you finger). If only one of these is in alignment you can not but you can detect it in the past (for our purposes you can detect the photons it emitted in the past but you cannot push it with your finger as you cannot affect the past).

How do we in the macro world perceive these things?

Directional alignment:

Below the level (size) of quarks and gluons, macro space time as we know it falls apart. When a universe is born, reflections of the speck particle exploded outward tumbling this way and that. As this happens, aligned specks bond into sStrings. Only specks (and sStrings they form) that are ‘aligned’ can interact with each other and they do this no matter where they are physically located in the realm of the sStrings (A.K.A. foam). In our macro view of space time this inability to interact appears as space time—a distance in space time between objects.

If your finger pushes an object, the sStrings in your finger and the object are aligned but maybe anywhere in the realm of sStrings. Likewise, an sString in a star does not interact with an sString in your finger because they are out of alignment even though in the realm of the sStrings they may be right next to each other and again, this alignment difference and inability to interact translate to distance and time in our macro view.

This of course means that only aligned sStrings can interact to form real or virtual quarks or gluons but to tangle and knot together they must also be next to each other in the sString realm.

Wormholes are possible within the realm of the sString because of this difference between our macro space time and the virtual physical layout within the sString’s realm. Wormholes are pipe-like structures formed by sStrings that can change the alignment of sStrings passing through them therefore changing their physical location in our macro space time.

Phase alignment:

The second type of alignment is phase or rhythm alignment meaning the alignment of the vibrations. The alignment of the sStrings (ergo the speck particles that form them) are what creates the macro space time probability timelines. As you look towards a distant star, the space time perceived between you and the star is a gradual change of the speck particle’s directional alignment. You see the star as it was in the past when its speck particles were the same alignment as yours and everything you see around you, you see in the macro space time past. This is all directional alignment.

However, the change of phase alignment determines and separates the timelines. This is the probability wave observed in the two slit experiment where light passing through the two slits (in the two slit experiment) forms a wave pattern. Different realities are timelines whose speck particle’s phase alignment has changed. The inability to interact in this case does not translate to time space or distance. It does not translate at the macro at all. Even though we can only see and interact with the timeline we are on, it is there and takes up time and space in the quantum realm. Our universe ran out of quantum room about four billion years ago and at this point the ever accelerating expansion of the universe began as more and more alternate timelines came into being and needed more quantum room.

In the next post we will switch from the quantum realm to the cosmic realm and discuss where the edge of the universe is and how it is possible to travel across the universe.

The dream particle: The direction I took… Part 1

The Dream Particle: The Super Speck

Deciding to get away from String Theory and in fact, all current quantum theories in the Spiral Slayer universe, I invented the Super Speck to be the smallest, most elementary particle.

The super speck or speck particle has some amazing properties.

1.      It vibrates and has three trillion different vibrations.

2.      It is a reflective particle which means that if surrounded by a single state[1] (the complete death of a universe) it reflects itself ten times and all reflections reflect ten times continuing up to (VV)V times where V are the number of vibrations (three trillion).

3.      The super speck’s reflective burst (A.K.A. the Big Bang) begins by only expanding space-time (i.e. in the beginning reflections only differ in directional alignment). Then, over the course of the burst, begin switching to the expansion of timelines (i.e. reflections also differ in phase alignment). After about four billion years the changeover is complete and all reflections expand the number of timelines. This soon fills up quantum space becoming the cause of the universe’s expansion. As more space is created this creates more timelines. This self-feeding circle causes accelerating expansion.

4.      Within its three trillion vibrations is encoded all the information needed to create a universe.

5.      When an intelligent species reaches the Rho level of development, Speculators, who translate the speck’s vibrations, begin to replace scientists and the scientific method.

6.      When an intelligent species has translated all the speck’s vibrations, they will ‘know’ everything that is knowable[2] and be at the Phi level of development.

7.      When an intelligent species comes to understand all the knowledge from the speck, they will ‘know and understand’ everything knowable and be at the uppermost level of development: the Omega Level.

8.      Universes die when their expansion has stretched out the speck particles so much that their vibrations vanish and speck reflections die until only one speck particle is left.

9.      When only one speck particle is left (this is always the original and only real speck particle) the dynamics of the cosmos changes and the remaining speck becomes the only thing that exists which means it has all the energy that exists and is surrounded by a single state. This triggers the reflection burst that creates the next universe.

10.   Speck particles that are aligned join to form speck strings or sStrings and these create space-time.

11.   Aligned sStrings become tangled creating permanent knots (the quirks and gluons that create matter) and temporary knots (virtual quirks and gluons).

12.   The sStrings (and therefore sString knots) can only interact with other sStrings whose speck particles are aligned creating the macro here and now space-time we know.

However…there’s even more! But that’s the next sci-fi post.

[1] A single state means that everywhere you look is the same. Examples of this are a singularity or an absolute vacuüm (where there are not virtual particles are anything else). A single state cannot exist within a universe.

[2] Anything within the universe is knowable. Anything beyond the realm of the universe is unknowable.

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